burrowing owl


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Sep 13, 2010
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Carthage, NY
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a burrowing owl in florida

Mike Leggero


This is a wonderful photo! Im surprised no one has commented on it. The Nature forum has really fallen to the way side as far as commenting is concerned. But, this really is a fantastic find and a wonderful capture. Its a shame about that brush in the foreground. I would be elated to find something like this.

Wow - great shot. I love the straight on view and the puffed up feathers of the owl. Super sharp!
Nice shot...love the eye contact! I am going to have to make a trip to south west florida and get me a shot of one of these birds!
LOL your avatar is the shire. Nice!

I looked at your site and saw the bigger pic of it too, quite interesting.

Love the pic of the owl by the way. Simply outstanding.

May just be my moniter but I would try warming the photo a bit or neutrilizing the blue tint that shows in the whites and foilage.
hey neil, thanks.. that's a real full size hobbit hole at my house.. it's very big inside 2 rooms.. we use it as a root cellar it's 45 degrees all year round

am i really that big of a nerd that i had to build my own hobbit hole?? ha ha

Mike Leggero


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