Busy birds!


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Mar 18, 2013
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Not the sharpest photo - I was shooting the pond at 1/500 when I noticed the birds going crazy at the feeder in the trees. But in the end I think the slower shutter speed gives it some motion.

Wonderful! They need the seed to keep their body heat up. It looks cold.
It was about 30° and snowing at a pretty good clip but not windy so for me wasn’t too cold. The same 10 birds did a constant rotation at the feeder. It was amazing to watch them. Tried to get a few of them sitting in the tree waiting their turn but couldn’t get close enough. I had the dog with me and didn’t want to scare them away.
I like the motion in the photo and the purple tones
I think the motion captures the flurry of activity around the feeder quite well.
That is full of interest. Sometimes absolute quality isn't essential. Does it for me.
The motion blur helps tell the story, it's a beautiful shot!
I love this! Certainly tells a story. I could put little speach bubbles above all of them lol. Especially the bird on the left hand side with the shocked look. :icon_biggrin:
So cute! Well captured Sharon.
Cheers, Ann. 🍷

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