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Butterfly and bokeh circles

Beautiful. I think the term bokeh has become interchangeable with both background blur, quality of background blur and background circles. Also people now pronounce it as bokah where I was told it was pronounced like bokay. Which do you say?

I call that bokeh balls or circle bokeh. If the circles are clear in the middle I call it bubble bokeh.
I believe the term was originally coined as a reference to a lens property pertaining to the rendering of out of focus highlights. Today people refer to any background as "bokeh." This is rather typical, I think. "Macro" once meant 1:1 ratio or less, meaning that a subject that was photographed at life size was the same size in life as it appeared on the film or sensor frame. Nowadays you see "macro" images of roses. cats, cars...

I don't care how it's pronounced, I never use the term.
Thanks Bill! I don't think Fuji makes a bad lens. I've had other brands' lenses that produced a jittery backgound.

I think the Fuji 80mm macro has a jittery look to the bokeh in a lot of the photos I saw when it was first rolled out. That’s what took it off the wishlist for me.

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