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Jun 12, 2010
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Hey guys its been two days since I've had my Nikon D5k. My dad found this guy down at his work near the ocean, supposed to be some type of butterfly that migrates from Venezuela into Trinidad. Tell me what you think.



I think he looks dead...go find some live ones to shoot..much more rewarding.

In the first shot...composition is horrible with the bottom part of the Bfly cutoff and the focus/dof is not very good with the entire front section being very OOF (out of focus). The second shot....a dead butterfly's wings in between your fingers.....doesn't do much for me and not a subject or view that I find appealing. I'm generally not a fan of photos of dead insects anyway as I'm a pro insect and catch their beauty in their natural habitat kind of guy. (I do realize you guys probably didn't kill it, but still not a fan of dead insect shots.)
Thanks, yeah it's kinda hard for me to get live shots with my lack of glass and I don't see butterflies often where I live so I guess i take any opportunity that comes my way. Yeah my father found it dead. Any more comments welcomed.
Guess we cant change the fact that he/she is dead BUT...

The first picture loses focus near the head/front of the butterfly. Close down the aperture, may need a tripod, to keep the whole butterfly in focus.
Yeah, the spectacular colors on the wings were really my drive for making these images. Now I have a pretty desktop ^.^

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