Buy a scanner, or use a pro lab?


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Aug 27, 2007
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I have many old photograph that I would like to san or have scanned so I can create printed photobooks as christmas presents Like the ones here I only have the prints which are old and not the best quality to begin with. My question is can I get good results buying a scanner and doing it myself or should I see If a lab can scan them and give me a CD.

Can anyone recommend some scanners or offer me some advice?
Scanner that reads at 600dpi should do the trick. This Epson scanner is a lot like mine and it scans negatives and slides too.
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Unless you are going to be doing some serious scanning (which costs a bit of money), I would just find a lab that has a good scanner. Submit a sample and examine the results before submitting a large job. Some labs return crap some return good results. Many also sell different "levels" of quality...

But a scanner is like buying another digital camera... it will cost. If you can live with just "ok" quality, then there are many inexpensive options. My feeling is to use lab.
Do you think I can get good results with a $200 scanner? I'm not sure how much I would use the scanner otherwise,
But I guess I could justify spending more if I decide to scan the shoe boxes full of prints that My family has.

Its been years since I have used a scanner.
Are inexpensive scanners decent quality there days or do you still need to spend quite a bit?

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