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Dec 16, 2007
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Glendale, CA
Hi i was looking to buy a camera to take with me snowboarding. I wanted to get the fastest shooting camera in my price range so i can shoot all the sequences of tricks. I was looking in the price range of a d40x or less but they don't seem to shoot that fast. I also wanted to know what lens to buy. I want it to have decent zoom


Canon Digital Rebel XT with a 50mm 1.8 perhaps? Cheap as heck, but 3FPS or so...and the lens will allow fast shutter speeds to catch the action.
Canon Digital Rebel XT with a 50mm 1.8 perhaps? Cheap as heck, but 3FPS or so...and the lens will allow fast shutter speeds to catch the action.

I 2nd that, even though I doubt you'll be shooting at f/1.8 ever with snow.
I'm certainly not about to turn you against Nikon, because I love mine (not a D40), but have a read on this thread about the D40.

Hopefully this will confuse, wait.....I meant it will clear things up.
Maybe get a used D1H, it should be pretty cheap and shoots at I think 5fps, but it doesn't have that many megapixels (not even 6 I think) and might not be easy to carry around with you snowboarding
If you are only going to be shooting snowboarding, I'd take a look at a used Canon 1D (the original). It's only 4 megapixels, but if you don't crop or blow up prints, it shouldn't be a big deal. I guess it is also not so good in terms of high ISO noise control, but again, snowboarding is usually shot in a bright outdoor environment.

They can be found for $600-1000 on ebay, and shoot at 8 frames per second.

What's your price range?
Well i would like to keep the price down definately not over a 1000. maybe like around 600ish. I guess i would like to get something nice used in good condition. I would like the photos to have decent quality 4 mega pixels seems a bit low to me. I want the photos to look good but speed is a must. My friend has a eos1 mark 2d that he takes up there to REALLY get all of the sequences. Thats a bit to much money for me. IDK if anyone on here has anything they want to sell. I really just dont know much about cameras. I looked at the D1h on ebay it said 8.5 fps with 2.74 megapixels ccd. 2.74 is really low but the speed is high
well you can get high speed and lowish quality , or higher quality and lower speeds for pretty cheap. I would maybe look for a good deal on here, ebay, or craigslist. I have seen D2h going for $700 and they have high fps and 4 megapixels.(just another idea)
The quality of the image on a d1h is probably as high as any of the current lower end cameras you just can't blow up the print as big.
I cant decide. I went and looked at the canon rebel xti and i though eh maybe it is fast enough . I just like that it has a way higher image quality than a d2h which is my second though. IDK speed or quality? ug idk. I definately like the canon rebel better than the nikon d40x.
Pentax K10D... not the fastest BUT a huge memory buffer AND it's wheather-sealed. Can't say that about the other cameras. And the older lenses fit, but aren't as expensive as Canon or Nikon.
Looks pretty good and I would recommend a pretty fast lens and you'll be all set

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