Camera for interiors. Advice needed.


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Dec 16, 2007
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Greetings from France. My mom is an interior designer. She needs a camera for photographing interiors. We don't know anything about cameras. Our budget is up to $300 US. We're total newbies on cameras so what do we need, as in specs for interiors?

300? For interiors, you need WIDE lenses, the only way you'll get wide is if you go with a larger format.

An APS-C SLR with a 10mm lens or a fisheye that can be de-fished or a 35mm with 14mm, or medium and large format, all of which are well above the $1000 level.


You can use any existing camera and stitch a number of images together using panoramic software like autostitch.

You will not find a point-and-shoot'r that's wide enough for interiors, they don't exist, 28mm equiv. isn't that wide either. This needs a larger format camera that can cover a wider area.
How much does your mother make as a designer?? is her work that unimportant that you just want a cheap camera to caver it??. I think you migh be better off paying someone to shoot her work after it is done. It seems like you would want quality representations of her work to show potential clients.

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