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Dec 28, 2011
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hello every one,

i am planning to buy a 40.5mm wide angle filter for my camera. but when i check ebay, i get an option of wide angle filter HD1010, HD1000, HD2000.
can any body please tell me what does "HD1010, HD1000, HD2000" here stands for ?
which one should i buy..?
Model numbers of Sanyo cameras?
Might be the filter diameters for various lenses.

Give us some more information.
What lens do you have and the rest of your gear?
Those wide angle macro filters isn't ideal for macro shots. They're used to make your existing lens wider. If you're buying it for macro work, i suggest you buy something else. I have one of those filters and i bought it thinking it was good for macro, let's just say i was a little dissapointed...
There are a lot of lowgrade attachments for lenses, sadly they do work but so poorly that they often end up degrading performance to a point where people greatly dislike what they get.

There are some gems though and I'd strongly suggest looking at the Raynox series macro filters/attachments. They are high quality and certainly good bits of glass worth considering purchasing. The DCR 150 and stonger DCR 250 are the most popular starting points, offering good magnification and a decent price.

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