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C&C Gordon the Bear and Michelle "3MB image" beware


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Jun 13, 2010
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So here is the afterwork of my shoot from Thursday lol, she loved it, i don't think she understands that she isn't to much in focus more a less the brushes are covering most of the image but she loved it, a few things didn't work out to well with my original plan, setting the bear on fire, it was gusting about 20-30mph winds :( so that didn't work out to well. Pretty wide image about 9000pixels didn't want to lose detail or size, so here it is

I liked the concept, but It's a little "busy" with all the brush work.
I like the concept and I can see how the brushwork would attract her to the overall look, but I think there are a couple of the frames that are overdone with the brushed a little bit. Specifically the last four. I had to actually try and strain to see some of it and there are still parts that I can't completely see. Personally I like the look of it with the brushes, and it's honestly something that I would do, but the last 4 are really hard to see.
I like the overlay of the text and the storyline type idea, but really just don't dig the whole fascination with the fake blood, death, violence style that seems to be becoming more and more popular lately. Yours atleast had a sort of storyline that made it almost equivalent to writing a fictional story that involves blood and stabbing etc. I guess I have just been seeing more and more shots of models smeared in fake blood or whatever. I guess I just don't get the obsession with it. ( sorry that this was said during your thread because yours was one of the more better things in that genre that I have seen )
Fairly cool pictures and idea, but way too much PP put into the pictures as a whole. It's darn-near impossible to tell what's going on in a few of the pictures because of the brush-strokes. Other than that it's cool but just too hard to tell what's going on.

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