C&C my photos, be real with me here.

some wont follow links...its suggested you post your favorite few right in the thread.

also, the beyond the basics section is more for discussion.

not trying to be a dick here...just trying to help you post where youll get the most traffic. i would put some pics up in a new thread in the beginners section/gallery. :thumbup:
flickr just revamped their site and ****ed it all up lol.

you have to go into the 'view all sizes' thing on flickr, then pick the size (medium 640 is good), then right-click and copy the URL in the properties.





Some great photos to be sure, and it's all opinion as to what to like about them.

1: Would be great huge, I can't seen enough details here so it's dark and busy.

2: I love this and my only temptation would be to crop more of the left out, and try to keep the red mounty shoulder from drawing focus?

3: You were probably aiming for the rain coming off the eaves but I see the water drops hanging from the fence and I want to see that in macro. I like macro shots far too much.

4: This is an odd photo for me, again a macro of the metal meeting the wood, with some lake left in the background would be interesting. I'd also be tempted to only desaturate some of the colors?

The last two I'm suggestion-less. I know a fellow in Canada who's a master with hair cuts. Unfortunately he's retired.. ;)
Hahaha thank you so much for you input i'll definately put it to use :). keep it coming people i love the C/C. thanks again i'll definately check off the list.
Great job! I love them!
Hahahaha, sadly enough no it is not. That would be the Mayor of Harisson where the torch came through, I thought it was kind of fitting. The mayor in the background while the torch is being passed.
really liking the sunglasses shot with your? reflection it it.... the trees and clouds add a nice touch too. i personally would clone out the black blob of whatever is on the left side of the reflection, and i would have not included the second pair of glasses in the shot itself. but they dont take to much away from the shot. I like the DOF, and the texture of the wood in this shot. imo, it really works for this picture. great job.
the shot with the rocks, I would clone out the twigs on the bottom left corner... distracting... i think the top of the rocks is a little blown out, could just be my monitor though... i really like this shot for some reason... could just be the rocks stacked is a bit different and nice to look at.

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