C & C on 70-300mm nikon capture


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Mar 16, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario
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So Here is some shots of just a bird...I know its just a bird and there is nothing interesting about it lol. I was just testing out my D60 with 70-300mm nikkor lens and im pretty impressed about the clarity.

cool first time shots with the lens! get out there and really get some shots and let us see em! how do you like the lens? this is the next lens im going with, where did you get it? im lookin for a decent deal, its quite pricey local at the shop.
They look pretty good. The second seems to have a lot of noise though. I assume you were standing quite far back from these guys?
I haven't had a chance to leave my backyard and attempt some nice shots, but so far I love it. First thought that came to mind when I pointed was, Damn wish It would zoom closer lol. I purchased the lens at henry's for $530 canadian.
Cool, just remember that this lens can be a little soft at 300mm - which leads me to ask how much sharpening did you apply on the second photo? I can see haloing aroung the birds head - and I'm viewing on my iPhone.
The rock in the first one bugs me...but Im sure you were not thinking of getting perfect images, just testing what the lens can do on a rather interesting subject.

And the second image has a halo from oversharpening. Dont sharpen quite as much next time.
Oh...and I guess I should have read the post by Slaphead...he already said that....
1. The big gray thing in the forground is definately distracting from your subject in this one.

2.This is a great shot. My eye is drawn to the robin right a way.

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