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Aug 16, 2010
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Was taking pics and caught this one, not sure why but its my favorite out of all of them. There were better ones. But I keep going back to this one.

any Comments and Critiques greatly appreciated!

Looks soft. The eyes are hard to look at... Like the pot is starting to kick in... Not that I would know. Like the color and the composition.
Would like to see it more sharp. Looks slightly out of focus.
Well, Pea-Pod, you are saying that there were better ones, technically you mean to say, I suppose, but maybe none of the others has this intense contact between subject and viewer? That could be the secret of this photo. Although the blue from the sky reflected in her eyes is a bit strong - and strange.
Yep, getting rid of that blue in the eyes, moving her back in the frame, and a little less pp of her face would make it a favorite for me, too.
Ok so I adjusted some of the editing. Hopefully its a bit better. Unfortunately I cant move her back as the image was never cropped. But let me know if this is any better?

Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it!

Yep second edit looks nice. I wish there was a tad more space in front of her but it's still cool.

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