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Jun 4, 2010
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Wisconsin, United States
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This was my first attempt at shooting a young family whom I have been friends with for some time. They graciously volunteered themselves for me to practice on.

1. This file was hard for me to work with. I accidentally WAY overexposed it, and couldn't bring the exposure or contrast down on the baby any more without making him look really bad. I was out of ideas, so I thought I would add the vignette to offset the frame. Maybe it works? I'm not sold on it, though. I know dad just sorta comes out of nowhere, but I was having trouble working him in the frame. I tried it a little differently on the next one.

Here is the second variation on the first pose. Thoughts on this one?

2. This one, I don't know, I just seemed to be on a vignette kick...


I'm definitely not very good at people, yet. This was also a tough subject (fussy 3 mo. old who didn't want to cooperate) I know I have a long way to go... Thoughts?
IMO, #3 is the best one. 1 & 2 seem desaturated to me, as well having a distracting background. Try a wider aperture next time to throw it out of focus. #4 the bright spots on her hair and arm are a little distracting, but not too bad.

Keep practicing!

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier -- not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability has increased."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
I agree, the B&W is the best of the bunch. I like the second version of #1 you did. The vignetting on the first one didn't work. It just makes it look hazy and dark. The last one might be better in B&W as well. But I think it needs some fill light.

Keep it up! They aren't bad at all for beginner portraits.
Thanks for the tips, guys. I think I will have a chance to reshoot this in about 2-3 months when the baby hits 6 months. Everyone I've talked to has said they don't get as fussy and are easier to please at that age. So I will be keeping your suggestions on paper till then!
Next time you shoot young kids, ask the parents when is their fussy time. When do they take naps, and eat. You don't want to take pictures before they had a nap if it's during the day. They are mean little things sometimes! :) Make the time around the child's schedule.. it will help you out w/ the pictures.

I like 2 and 3...
#1 has a shadow right down her arm and all I can do is look at it.
#4 I don't like the way the woman looks in it
Meter the sky next time and use your flash.

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