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Jul 18, 2010
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I live in Idaho
Can others edit my Photos
Photos OK to edit
Canon 50D
Tamron 17-50/2.8
F32, 0.6 sec
ISO 125
Exposure Bios -1stop
Spot metering

Maybe try taking it from a high angle to keep the figure in front of the light reflection area of the water... or the opposite with a low angle and use the light sky as the background. How it is now the person gets lost in the tree line and darker water.
too dark and it "feels" crooked.

your description says editing is ok, so here is my take:

here is what I did:
1. perspective distortion to make the photo "feel" straighter
2. re-crop using rule of thirds
3. levels adjustment to brighten
4. brightness/contrast adjustment to brighten and add contrast
5. USM sharpening
6. Selective dodging to bring out the sky, water, and details in the dock
To Gotalovthospens I thought about that when taking the shot but flet the glow around her would add some separation, though thinking I will try it that way as the more I look at it the more I agree with you.

Nice edit Robert. PS is a big weak spot with me that I am trying to improve on. It was pretty dark when I took the shot. I had done a panoramic one that I really liked of her in the morning but she was a bit soft do to the very long exposure I used. I figured I should of did it in two shots one with long exposure and the second using a faster exposure to keep her sharp, but then the softness also adds to the mood I think also. These kinds of decisions are a pain to make lol.
I agree with Robert, her head and shoulders, even though backlit, are still getting lost in the trees. I like the edit, and think the halo around her could be brightened up even more.

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