C&C plz...some practice in the yard!


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Apr 12, 2009
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#1 seems overexposed

#2 is really nice!

#3 I think it may be nicer if you used a lower f number (wider aperture) so that the background is more blurred, and centered the flower so it takes up more of the frame.

#4 I like this one, but I think it would look better if you cropped out the left side, and again, centered the flower more.

#5 I personally really like this shot...I like how the leaves in the tree are kind of golden, very pretty!

I hope this helps!
A general comment: most of these photos seem to have lots of things in them. The good part is that each one has a nice, clear subject. The bad part is that each also has a lot of other things... for example, the base of a lamp post growing asymmetrically out of the back of the statue. You may want to pay a bit more attention to what else is in the frame, and perhaps try to rearrange your composition to either avoid unwanted objects, or include them in a more intentional way.
Thanks for the replies!

here is the original of number one...after looking at it again, I realize now that most of the problem was from my own over-zealous editing!


dcclark, I understand exactly what you mean. I think I have so much going through my head that it is easy to overlook things like that. I admittedly feel that I don't have the most artistic eye, but I am trying to improve!
Are these shot with a D40? Do you have the shot info for each image? No exif.

#1 - The shadow across the face just ruins this image for me.

#2 - Nice B&W conversion. How did you illuminate the subject? Did you use a reflector?

#3 - Nice flower, but watch your background. You might want to get closer to the flower and fill the frame with it to reduce the background influences.

#4 - Nice shallow DOF, but again watch your background. The square white area above the flower is drawing the eyes away from the flower. I think a deeper DOF would have been better for this particular shot...the top flower is OOF and is distracting.

#5 - Some nice things going on in this image...framing, textures, backlighting and silhouettes...but which object in this shot is the main focus? The church? The trees? The sunlit walkway?
Samanax: yes they are with a d40...let me see if I'm grabbing you the correct info:

#1) f/8 1/250 iso 400 18mm focal length
The shadow bothers me too...I wish I knew a way to get rid of it, but at this point I do not.

#2) f/3.5 1/1000 iso 200 18mm
This is lit naturally from the sun

#3) f/3.5 1/80 iso 200 18mm
I actually did a vertical crop of this after you mentioned it and I like it better

#4) f/3.5 1/160 iso 200 18mm
This one IS a crop...I see the white box though.

#5) f/10 1/400 iso 200 28mm
My original subject was the church. A lot of the focus lands on the pathway though.

Let me know if this is not the information you were looking for :lmao: Thanks for all the help!

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