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C&C - Random Shots


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Feb 4, 2012
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Hey, I'd like to know what you think of my pictures :)





what do you think of them?
do you like them?
why did you pick these?
Have you read any of the other first posts and the advice about posting that others got?

I don't prefer any of your posted pictures, why!
It doesn't tell me a thing, for me a photo must tell a story.
It doens't have to be picture perfect but it has to have something.

But as it says on this forum "beginners" so I assume your a beginner so there is still some hope!

Keep on trying...

Grtx Rain.
I like the perspective of the first shot, it would have been a better shot if you can see the person holding the boy. Because it feels like somebody is shoving his hand into the boy's ass (mind my language). The flower image is kind of overexposed and not sharp enough. the other photos, no comment =)

keep up your great shots!
I like #s 1 and 5. #1 would be better if you had got the guy's whole face in; cutting his head in half makes it a bit distracting.

#5 would be better if most of the sky were cropped out; there's nothing there that adds to the pic.

#2 is really soft; I don't like it.

#3 I can't tell what it is, so not much interest

#4 I don't really like the blurry area in the middle. It's got flare, like you were shooting into the sun, but I don't think you were.
I do like number 1 as well, but the face in the bottom left is distracting and drawing my eye. Maybe try a different crop? Maybe in portrait?

The other don't do much for me really, #2 is overblown, and the others don't really have a focal point for me.
I like the #4 photo the best buts its exposure is blown out.
I only like #1.

These 2 are ruining the photo for me:


Face 1 looks like he's going to abduct the child.
Face 2 looks like someone the news will interview when the child is missing.
#1 is my favorite but the half head on the left is competiting with the main subject which is the boy. If you can get the face/head of whoever holding him, it'll be a much more better shot. Plus since the boy is looking left, it's better to frame him to the right side of the frame so it give people a vision of him looking toward the left even if we don't know what it is.
Thanks for the comments! For me, a photo doesn't need to Always tell a story. I don't see photography like that. I photoshop my pictures a lot because I like to create different effects that not everyone is going to like. I'm experimenting. I agree with the two faces I didn't see them at first haha! They pretty much ruin the shot I understand but I still like the expression in the boy's face. Maybe I could try a different crop.
On a side note, is that you in your avatar?
Is the flash going off turned 180 degrees?
Yes its me. Turned 180 degrees where? Its poiting to the left yes.
I like it.
It's creative.

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