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Nov 10, 2011
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Hope I copied the link correctly. My first time posting ..

Particularly interested in help with lighting, color .. Especially color, and composition


I took some pictures of my sisters wedding rings for her wedding album ..


In number 3 is the lighting okay? are the trees distracting


In no. 4 I wanted the focus to be on the nose, that's what I was working on


No. 5


No. 6


No. 7 - is the lighting on her face okay? she has a really round face and I tried to not use broad lighting even though I was outside.

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Another one - I think the white balance is off ...


are the shadows distracting in number 2?

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I put notes on each picture. Can everyone see them okay? Comments would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you. I tried to do it from my ipad and it was much harder to do each pic .. I corrected it.
Too many for detailed analysis, so I'll provide some quick notes...

#3 Light is ok, but the background is a photo-breaker. The strong vertical trees show a barrier between the two which is the exact opposite of what I suspect you are going for.

#7 Looks like you have some mixed light issues... Tungsten coming from behind and also above. The above light is creating eye socket shadows. Then you have your fill light which is blue and seems to be coming from below... kinda looks like a computer monitor. This shot seems like it was taken with not much thought given to light color, intensity, or direction.
Yes, the trees do create a barrier. Was moving them around for lighting and not composition. Lesson learned.

I didn't notice the eye socket shadows .. I was thinking this was an outside shot but now I look at it it was a candid from inside the house. The light from behind was daylight. The light overhead probably was tungsten ...

Thank you.
Good for you for posting! It can be intimidating as first; but it is a great way to learn. As a gentle suggestion, if you are serious about wanting CC, it is generally better to pick a few (maybe 3?) photos to post at a time. There are too many here for real, detailed CC on all of them.

A couple of general notes: many of these are underexposed and are too cool. I would also encourage you to consider giving your subjects a little more "breathing room" in your compositions. All of your "people" shots feel very tight and squashed.

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