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Nov 5, 2008
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Ok i am aware that i need to get my monitor calibrated. Anyhow I decided to try and order a few prints on line and did not expect perfection in colours. What looked nice on my screen still looked ok on print although with a rather orangey tinge!! I did half expect this...
My question is if my monitor is calibrated properly with the device does this mean my pictures will then look different on the screen and I will need to change the colours again or will they look the same and only affect the final print?
If you calibrate your screen then things will look different on the computer screen itself - infact things can look very very different at first (you have to wait for your eyes to get used to the new look of the screen as your eyes will calibrate themselves to the screen to try and show "true" colour as you expect it to be - ergo why online calibration tools don't work as your eyes are too subjective.

With a calibrater you will have a lot better chance of getting prints which look correct
so if i like the look of my shots on screen now i may not after calibration?
Correct - though in my experiences most shots will still look ok - though many might look a bit darker if your on an LCD screen as many of these tend to run very bright compared to CRT - also you might notice that some shots don't looks as blown out either.
I made the change and I only really felt the need to fully reedit older shots when it came to printing them to just touch up the colours and brightness

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