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Calling Kodak Z650 users......


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Dec 31, 2006
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Nrthn Calif
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I want to take a pic of the moon, the manual that came with this doesn't help and the night settings don't do a darn, i fool around with the pasm settings but don't understand all the numbers letters and what they can do. Would like to know how to use that setting to capture the moon as i have before.
The moon is so bright that you need to under expose so it isn't a washed out white dot. Before I bought my canon xti, I had a kodak z712 which I'm sure is close to what you have. I got this pic with the z712, handheld, set in manual mode at f/4.8, 1/160 sec, iso 100.


Just play with similar settings in manual mode and I'm sure you'll get something.
My last shot with about 3/4 moon was f8 @ 250.

Play around with it...just one thing though...it'll tell you you're way underexposed...but don't listen.
yeah ive meessed with all settings, and all i get is a white dot, once in a great while ill see the crater, but it's fustrating.

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