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Dec 26, 2007
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Also debating on a bag...

Heard good reviews about Lowepro...

Was thinking TLZ10 but it doesn't seem to have much room for accessories.

Jessops sell it for £25

This seems a bit more 'future proof' Prob worth the extra couple of quid.

Jessops sell it for £40!

What do you guys use?
Can you recommend anything better?

Not really wanting to spend more than £20-25.

TIA :)
go for the Rezo 160 as you say its future proof

I use far too many camera cases
Stealth Reporter 650AW
Photo Trekker AW
Rover AW
Bens Pizza XXXL
to name a few :lol:
i am not sure, i think i either have the Rezo 160 or something slightly larger. it is VERY convenient. not built like a tank, but easy access to all compartments (the top lid opens away from the body) and it holds one SLR and my two most used zooms.

it is my preferred bag for city exploring, but i also used it in the wilderness.

[EDIT:] Just looked it up, all I said applied to the Rezo 170 AW!! not the 160
got it much cheaper than 40 though ...
Ordered the 160, less than £20 delivered from Amazon. No more using the old box and padding it with socks!
I have a bag like the Rezo (along with others) the only problem I have with it is if I need to carry much more than a body and flash I need a bigger bag. It is nice to have a small bag to carr just a couple of tings once in a while if I dont need other lenses but I always feel restricted if I am missing any of my gear.
Lowepro has a lot of lens cases and accessories designed to attach to certain points on their bags. If future expansion is a concern, make sure the should bag you choose has the appropriate attachment points ( not all of them have it).

A long time ago, I had one of the smaller stealth reporters. I ran out of room as I purchased a couple more primes. The solution was found by attaching two lens cases on either side of the bag. The result was a nice compact bag with the "option" of the capacity of a much larger shoulder bag. I could easily fit 1 body and 4 primes with no problem.

I'm looking at photos of he 160 Rezo on I don't see the loops required to attach lens cases.
I've got the micro trekkor from Lowepro and it fits everything nice. Everything in my sig plus one more SB flash. $70.00. I can attach my tripod underneath too.
Lowepro 160 delivered today, will give some feedback once I've had a play with it. :)
Have a "Nikon" branded bag much like the 160. FAR more useful than smaller bags if you're looking to carry anything more than one SLR with attached lens.

Use this all the time in NYC or more 'urban' settings. Backpack (holding more) for wilderness treks.

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