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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Guido44, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I'm hoping some of you can give me experienced opinions on a couple of camera brackets on the market today.

    This one is expensive, but I have some shoulder and neck issues, and I think this one is easier on the body.

    Just rite Bracket

    this one is cheaper, and I may be able to buy it used:

    Custom Brackets

    Any body own one of these?



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    I think both of those companies have a good reputation, Custom Brackets for sure.
    Stroboframe is another popular manufacturer, they have a wide range...from cheap to very expensive....with many different styles.

    Have you used a bracket before? While they can be great in some situations, they can also be a pain to use...the added size & weight can be pretty cumbersome. They used to be a photographer's best friend, but now I think it's a lot more popular to bounce the flash at time you can...and there are tons of flash accessories that can help in certain situations.

    I've got a Stroboframe Press-T. The style of the Press series is that it's made so that you hold the camera, not the bracket, which I like.
    I used it quite a bit for a couple years, but I found that it was just too cumbersome when I was on the go.

    Also, don't forget that with a bracket, you need an off-shoe cord (and those aren't cheap).
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