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Jul 1, 2009
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cornelius, NC
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i have a few old cameras that im trying to find the value for, is there a price guide online anywhere i can use? i tried google but one site doesnt even work and the others dont even show prices
Try to google the model number first and select the shopping option on Google. This should find like models foresale. Then you can see what others are asking.
The most current and accurate is eBay completed listings. You need to have an account to view them. Simply search that particular item and then click on the left side completed listings link to see what they sold for. Perhaps there were none. Maybe it is rare and worth a fortune in that case? Not likely though.
ebay has a lot of the camera im looking for but the prices are all over the place, i also have 3 lenses with it and not just the body like they mostly are

its a pentax k1000 with a 50mm lens, a 70-200mm lens and a 28-85mm lens
adorama is always accurate on pricing
ebay has a lot of the camera im looking for but the prices are all over the place

Typically, some of the outrageous prices are the Buy-it-Now's looking for the idiots to bite. Do your search, click on "auction only", then look for ones that are in simialr condition as yours. Place them in your watch list and see what they go for when they are over... this way you get a real-time look at what people are willing to pay for a particular item.

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