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Apr 29, 2009
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Hello everyone,
I am new to photography and the uses I will be using the camera for is to take pictures of my family, our dog, my son at the Special Olympics and my other son playing in the band, I also love to take pictures of flowers and animals.
I have been researching Nikon, Canon, Sony and Kodak cameras.
I would like to know which brand is best for a beginner and for the uses as mention above.
Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
No brand is better than another, although some may tell you different. Just firgure out what you want in a camera, how much you want to spend and then try and find one that suits your needs. But to start if you let us know how much you want to spend, we can help you much more.
All brands are different, If you are new I suggest pick a brand you like and stick with it until you learn more.
Thanks for your response!! Ptyler22 I see I will have to spend several hundred dollars. So I am back to researching.
They all are the same, but the specifications might differ.
Best thing I can tell you is to go to a store and try everything. Pick several cameras from different manufacturers play with the settings, take pictures, etc. Try to get a feel for them. Eventually you will notice one feeling more comfortable, fitting your hand better, etc. Pick that one. Happy shopping :thumbup:

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