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May 22, 2003
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Hi all!

I'm going to be heading off on a 7 day motorbike tour in Tasmania in November. Can anyone offer me any advice on packing and carrying my camera? Do you think I should get a hard case for it? It needs to be easily accessible as we will be travelling in a group and I don't want to hold everyone up while I'm still trying to unpack my camera!

Any tips would be appreciated!

I used to have a hard case for my camera that I used when I went snowmobiling. I'd keep it in the back of my sled, but one day I pulled it out and I noticed my hot shoe had come off. I use a soft case now.
When I go mountain biking I use my soft case. I have one strap that goes over my shoulder and I attach another strap that I can put around my waist (almost like a seatbelt). I keep my camera fairly tight to my back, but angled in a way that I can reach around with one hand and pull out my camera when I need it. So far it's worked well for me.
Hope that helps you out..i realize that you're going to be on a motorbike, but I think this is pretty much the same principle.

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