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Dec 5, 2007
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Greenville, SC
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Walked out onto the in-laws deck this afternoon and found this guy resting on a branch. I believe this to be a Red Shouldered Hawk?? Please correct me if I'm wrong there, anyway enjoy.



How thrilling to see a hawk so close! My fave is the second, as its face is the most visible in that one. (It's a shame the background is so 'busy', but that couldn't be helped).
yes, the background is very confusing. but this makes the title camo, right? ;)

not really sharp and some parts are overexposed.

nice animal though :)
Thanks guys. Yeah its really thick brush but he blended in nicely with it, hence the title "Camo". I also had my ISO set at 1600 and it came out a bit noisy. I tried playing with the contrast a bit to see if I could make the pic better. Just dumb luck I happen to see him. I really wanted to get a pick from his front but he didn't hang around long enough for me to get around to the other side which would have been an awesome shot of that branch and sky behind him.

He was a huge and beautiful bird and I was really wishing I had a better lens. Thanks for the comments.

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