Canada's Largest Reptile Show and Sale!!

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    Well the next show coming up is going to be Canada’s Largest Reptile Show and Sale. This show is put on by Mice & Things and is held at the Westerner Park, 4847A, 19th St, T4R- 2N7, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in the Northern Hemisphere on the planet Earth.
    August 27 and 28, 2005.Now I hope no one will ask me where the show is this year and I will not get a GPS location either.

    There is unlimited space and tables for the show. Tables are $30 ea and are non-refundable; tables are 8’, which have to be pre-paid. There is an online application at if that will not work for you email Bonnie at

    The doors open on Friday around 6pm to set up and set up goes till 11-12pm; set up for Saturday morning will start around 7am. Doors open at 10am-5pm on Saturday for the general public and 9am for VIP passes. Sunday the doors open at 10am-5pm. There is also going to be a concession in the show as well for both days.

    We advertise on 4 local radio stations in Red Deer, Walter also does the morning shows on all 4 as well to help promote the show; this all takes place the week of the show. This year we will be doing a live on location on Saturday and Sunday with a follow in Friday after noon leading up to the show. There is also going to be a ¾ or full page add, not sure yet, taken out in the paper that goes to over 240,000 homes the week of the show.

    Last year there were over 110 tables booked and 3500 people that went threw the doors that weekend. We will also offer the bank machine again that is located right in the show area. Last year it put out just over 20k in the weekend and it will not run out either.

    If anyone is wondering about the Red Deer show that has never been there before just ask around, it is still the talk of all shows. Here is a current vendor list and we are sitting at 107 tables booked now. If you want to be added to the list you have to let us know.

    Mice & Things
    Wild Kingdom Reptiles
    CANDEN Pets Supply
    AJ Pets & Supplies
    Canadian Captive Bred
    Dr. Mo
    Cornel’s World Terrariums
    Rocky Mountain Reptile Ranch
    Little City Productions
    Val & Elvin Falkenberg
    Gord Redman
    Darwin Oasis
    J & M Rabbit Farms
    Jamie McKinstrie
    Red Line Exotics
    The Dragons Tale
    Andreas Eschrich
    Kunimoto Reptiles
    Gone Snakee!
    RiverFront Aquariums
    A-1 Chameleons
    Debbie & Lindsay’s Snake Show
    Neil Tyreman
    Sticky Toes Herptoculture
    Wrapped Up In Reptiles
    Dragons & Balls
    Canadian Exotics
    Jessica Jenkins
    Pazuzus Preference
    Corey Woods
    Cranwill Reptiles
    Lizard Woman
    St.Paul Leopard Gecko Breeder
    Ron Au
    North West Dragon Ranch
    Invictus Exotics
    Cody McEwen
    Lewenza Lizards
    Scales Zoo
    Henry Piorun Reptiles
    Medicine River Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
    Mary VanderKop
    Avery Exotics
    Saskatchewan Exotics
    Lizard Crazy Reptiles
    Frogs Too
    Niagara Reptiles
    Dennis Epp
    Petland Superstores
    Sierra Dragons
    Steve Chandler
    Neil Meister
    Brent Collard
    Jeff McFadden
    Mystic Lizzards
    Ravenscroft Reptiles

    We are sitting at 59 Vendors!! and 107 tables!!

    View the video @


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