Cano off-shoe flash cord


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Feb 27, 2007
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Is it neccessary to get the Canon branded OC-E3 cord or can I just get a generic? Really do not feel like shelling out $75 for a wire I can probably rig with Radio Shack parts. Found a Dot-Line cord from B&H that supports EOS systems with E-TTL II also. Has anyone purchased this, and if so, does it work okay? Thanks for the input.

Accidently posted this thread in the wrong forum. If a moderator will be so kind as to move it to the Equipment section, I would be most appreciative. :)
It's a cable with 2 conductors and a connector (4 if you use TTL) but there is definitely no reason to go proprietary.

Just watch out when getting a TTL cable that you do get one for canon cameras. I am not sure if E-TTL specs are different for Nikon's i-TTL cable wise but better safe than sorry.
Thanks Garbz. I figured they were just wires in a coiled housing to connect the two components. No transistors or chip relays that I could ascertain. Anyhoo...Generic it is. Screw you over-priced Canon cord!!! And I thought my HDMI cables were expensive. :mrgreen:

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