Canon 280 vs Nikon S9500?


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Jul 11, 2013
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I currently have a Canon Powershot S3 IS that I really like. I am considering a new camera that will be smaller for trips. My current Camera has worked fine, just a big big. I now Nikon makes great DSLR's but not sure about their compacts. I am familiar with the basic differences in the two cameras list above but my question is how good is the S9500. Build quality........and any other comparisons you might offer. Both these cameras are at my price point.
Thank you friends.
Both cameras look like very basic cameras.
If you want good Canon point and shoot then I would recommend the Canon G15, AWESOME camera has fantastic low light performance, very fast camera and good image quality.
Its a bit more expensive but well worth the price difference, its like comparing a Ford to an Audi.
Thanks Goodguy. I checked it out. Very nice. Anyone else out there please feel to chime in.

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