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Oct 24, 2007
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Ok, since I found a new lens for my camera, I'm thinking Santa doesn't need to bring me another one. Having said that, I'm still open to bargains at a good price, for either wide or telephoto.

Thing is, since I got my camera 2 years ago, I've never had a flash that works with it (it sadly rejected my trusty and now lonely Hanimax).

So, great, what an opportunity to get one, I thought. Until I seen the price!

I prefer not to use flash at the best of times, never mind paying £200 for the priveledge of doing so!

I know you're all going to tell me how incredible the 580EX is, but honestly, I can buy a new car for that price.

This is a good opportunity for me to get my digital kit up to standard (i.e finally owning the essentials), but what can I get that produces the goods for £100 or under?
I use the Sigma EF-500 Super flash on my 350D. It's an extremely good flash, with all the same features as the 580EX, for half the price. I highly recommend this flash.
On the wrong side of £100, but still, good call. I'll have a look round and see if there's any bargains on that one.
The 430EX is much less expensive than the 580EX...and has almost all of the same advantages.
I'm looking at it now but it's £160 at the cheapest. I was really thinking around half that price.
If you want a flash that is not 'dedicated' to work with your camera in terms of E-TTL metering...then you can get something cheaper....but then you will have to adjust the camera and flash separately, to get the proper exposure.
Yeah, cheapest dedicated one I've found so far is the Sigma EF-500 DG ST for around £120.

Other than that, Jessops (big photographic chain here in England) brand for £100.

It's either a dedicated flash or a piece of junk for a fraction of the price, I don't see the sense in wasting what I'd call a good bit of money on something that's sub-standard, that I'll always be wanting to replace.
Canon 430EX's are available on e-bay in great condition to new for 200-240 USD/CDN.

I think in pounds that's around 100.
There's loads of them on ebay for £150, which I think would be about $220 at a rough guess.

I'd love the Canon. I think it's something I'd feel comfortable with not having to upgrade for a long time to come.

But Santa ain't made of money.
If you go used AND want to use it on camera, make sure it is ##EX and not ##EZ

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