Canon 5D, 70-300 canon lens and sigma 50 - 500 lens For Sale


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May 26, 2013
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I am upgrading my camera gear, so to make room for it I have to sell off some of my old gear.

As the title says I have a 5D MKII body with a canon 70 - 300mm lens and a Sigma 50 - 500mm lens.

It is a perfect set up.

This camera has seen 14,080 actuations, since new two years ago.

Included is the canon 5d mark 2 camera, batteries and charger, this is boxed and all equipment has only ever been used in the dry.

The lenses They are both boxed the 70 - 300mm is official Canon with full image stabilising. Whereas the second lens is a Sigma which I had to purchase as an emergency lens to replace my Canon 500mm which broke on holiday.

There is the odd scratch on the lens from wear and tear of a camera of this age, otherwise everything is in good working order.

I will package the camera well, as with everything I sell, I will post on receipt of the funds by the use of paypal I only believe in using this method due to its security.

£800 ono same as $1207.60

Photos are below, the gear comes with full instruction manuals,leads and batteries, it is all boxed and will be securely wrapped during transit.

$8645528264_4e11b9c696_z.jpg$8645528278_02f09c787a_z.jpg$8645528300_0b09f0f01e_z.jpg$8645529876_d4eb03afa0_z.jpg$camera 2.jpg$lens 1.jpg$IMG_4049.jpg$lens 2.jpg


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I will accept any reasonable offer for either the lot or if interested I can separate items, just ask for a price.

How much for the body and the 50-500 together?

And how much for each separate? I'm very interested.
The body and lens together I would do for $1000

Just the body $700
Just the lens 50 - 500 $300

They are in perfect working order I just want them to go to a good home, and the fact I could do with the space problems also aids the low prices.

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Still available time wasters hit again.

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