Canon 5D or Nikon D300?


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Feb 15, 2009
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Hi, im a amateur(more like going to be), and im thinking to buy one of these cameras. I am not a fan boy of any kind, i just want to get a solid opinion on these 2 great cameras. My friend has a sony A700 and keeps telling me 5D is way better, but hes a amateur himself so i wanted a second opinion. So far all i know is that the 5D is a full frame, while the D300 has a 1.5x Crop, and also 5D is much older. The reason why i chose these 2 is because my budget is in that range (1500~1800) canadian, Body only! Lens, i will just pick up a 50mm prime. The shots i "will" be taking preferabbly will be Cars, Some landscape, Lots of Skyline "day and night", and MAYBE some sports. please just help this amatuer out so that he doesnt have a buyers remorse :mrgreen:

Thanks all help appreciated!
If you're doing lots of landscape/skyline shots, I'd go with the 5D. The full frame would give you a wider angle of view than the cropped sensor of the D300.

However, the D300 is also an excellent camera... Tough choice here...
Most def i will go with the 5D- i am an x owner of the 5D and its a great camera!! you can not beat the full frame sensor on it and how quite the shutter is.- for sport is not to bad...the speed burst on it is alil slow. to my liking of one that i did


Tough choice.. I'd be tempted to buy a cheaper body and more lenses, though. Having only one lens, and a prime at that, might be a bit limiting.
4 year old camera versus a 2 year old one. I would, most definitely, go with the newer camera. Full frame is full frame, it isn't going to make your photos any better. It's just - full frame. It's in the camera performance, the nuts and bolts on the inside that matter.
Get a D200 (used) and a Nikon 17-50mm f/2.8 with a tripod then you'll be good for everything you named but sports. Yes the 5D and the D300 are quieter but who cares with static subjects, a tripod, and just about any noise reduction software.

You won't really be shooting sports with out spending another $2000 for a long, fast zoom.


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