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Jan 16, 2012
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hey guys,

my dad gave me his canon ae-1 and its in great condition. i had a couple of questions to ask.

where can i get additional lenses for the AE-1?

where can i get it tuned up. by that i mean make sure its running properly.

i just had a roll of film developed and barely any pictures came out. some came out blurry and with an orange tint.

could this have been because i opened and exposed the film to light and because of my aperture setting?

pls let me know. it would be greatly appreciated.

You are in NYC. There are camera shops on every corner. I believe adorama and B&H both do repairs on film cameras still.
Chances are your camera is working just fine.
You can't just put in any settings and get proper exposure. If you opened the case and exposed the film to light, then yep, you ruined the film. If you mean by using a wide aperture, then no, you didn't ruin the film unless you failed to set the shutter speed fast enough or slow enough for the light you were shooting in.
My first camera was a Canon AE 1 and I "drove it until the wheels fell off"! I loved that camera and I have yet to get another camera to do what I could get it to do. By the end of "her" life she would do fine with one roll of film and then turn out blanks on the next. I couldn't find anyone in my area to work on it (75 miles north of Houston) without sending it off. She's since been retired to the top of the closet. Can't seem to want to get rid of her. Enjoy it...when you learn the basics of it you can get it to do anything you want. Almost... :lol:
Canon made the AE-1 from April 1976 to 1984. So your AE-1 is somewhere between 27 and 35 years old. Canon sold 5,000,000 of them.

The AE-1 has an FD mount. Canon switched to the EF-mount in 1987.

I agree B&H or Adorama should check it over for you.
Thanks for the replies guys and girls.

I ruined the film by yep u guessed it opening it up and exposing it. FML. i have the original manual that it came with. I have the original lense it came with and the ultra macro wide lense also.

I have been to BandH and they didnt seem to friendly. Ill have to go again and have them give it a look over. everything appears to work fine. I believe i just need practice.

B&H should have lenses and flash for it right?
Ah, you did not come across as being familiar with the usage of a Film camera.

FD/FL mount lenses are in abundance and should be fairly cheap ... as current Canon digital camera's cannot use them.
ill take a pic of it and show you the condition it is. I cant seem to upload photos?
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B&H has a nation wide reputation for having very good customer service, both online and in-store.

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