Canon F-1 Complete System w/ Accessories

Mark A

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Feb 4, 2022
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Northern Virginia
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For Sale is a very thorough Canon F-1 SLR Film System. Includes: Two F-1 (old) Bodies, Servo Finder with Cable & Case EE, Motor Drive and Grip MF, Battery Case & Connector MD, Finder Illuminator F, Flash Coupler D, Eye Cups 3R, Diopter R2, Threaded Lens Filters (X9), and Focusing Screens A-F.

Lens are in Nearly New Condition. Included are: (1) FD 20mm 1:2.8 [72mm], (2) FD 35mm 1:2 [52mm], (3) FD 85mm 1:1.8 [52mm], (4) FD 135mm 1:2 [72mm], (5) FD 300mm 1:4 [72mm]. All lens come with front and rear caps, Sky 1A Filters, and Lens Hoods. Other Accessories are also included. All Equipment safely housed in two Aluminum, Custom Padded Cases. Original Manuals Included. All working fine when last used, but sold "as-Is".

Asking $1800 OBO. Method of payment to be agreed upon. Please send me a PM.

Additional images available upon request. I can either send with the aluminum cases, or with individual components each individually bubble-wrapped in boxes inside a larger box. Shipping type, Insurance, etc. is up to the purchaser, as are the shipping fees. Shipping is from Northern Virginia. Glad to discuss on the phone. 100% legit.

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