Canon FD 35-70mm F4 won't focus


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Aug 11, 2021
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I bought this off FB marketplace at a very cheap price and it was dirty full of fungus and haze but it works as intended the focus the zoom the aperture settings were perfectly fine. After disassembling and cleaning the lens, I tested it out and the zoom works fine but the focusing isn’t. When turning the focus knob nothing happens. Before disassembling, when turning the focus knob the lens elevates a little bit and now it doesn’t. I need help fixing this. The lens isn’t the breech lock type it’s the new version I think.

Could it be from the rear? because I opened it too and cleaned it but I'm certain I've put back everything correctly.
the objects are lined up sequentially not sure if the second one goes before or after the lens (1st)
Do as you should have done in the first place - send it to a repair shop who know what they're doing. No way of telling what you fouled up.
Paperweight 🤭

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