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Nov 20, 2007
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Right now I'm currently using a Canon 350D. I'm looking to start shooting film, and I want a Canon SLR that I can interchange the lenses with my DSLR. I've seen quite a few that could, but I don't know which are good, which are okay, and which I should stay away from. I'm looking to buy used with a $150 budget if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks! :D
Any 'EOS' camera will work...and will accept 'EF' lenses. Keep in mind that EF-S lenses will not work on film cameras because they were designed to work only with a few of the DSLR cameras like your 350D.

As for which film camera to get...there are plenty of options. Like the digital cameras, the 'entry level' models are 'Rebels'...there have been many over the years. They might also have a number designation...the lower models are 4 digit numbers...EOS 1000 for example. The next level up for 'current' models would be the 'Elan' series. The Elan 7n was the last new model. These could be compared to the 30D, 40D in terms of size and control layout. They are bigger and more robust than the Rebels but heavier also. Some of them have 'eye control focus' which is designated with an (e) in the name (Elan 7ne). Neat feature but not required. These are two or three digit models.

Up another level up and we get the one digit models. The professional series. The EOS 3 and then the 1 series bodies. These are built like tanks and are top of the line 35mm film cameras.

Also, there are the older models...the EOS 650, 620, 630 etc. These were the first EOS cameras and they are big and heavy. I've got the original one, the 650. They can still be alright, but I would avoid them because they had a problem with the shutter bumper foam turning into goo.

I'm not sure what the used market is like these days. You may be able to find a Used Elan for $150...or an almost new Rebel. Who knows, maybe even an EOS 3 or 1V. Although, pro bodies have probably been fired many thousands of times...while a used Elan or Rebel may have not been used much at all.

HERE is the list of all the EOS film cameras.
Thanks for your help! I'm thinking about either the Rebel K2 or T2, but may end up with something else. Most likely I won't be buying until after the holidays, so I have some time to think about what I want. I'm heading into B&H soon, so I'll look when I'm there.

Thanks again!
I am using an EOS 100 for ages now, very happy with it :)

In Europe you get them second hand for less than 50 USD these days.
The EOS line is very sturdy. I was at the local Goodwill the other day and wandered back to the junk camera shelf, where I spotted a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 with a 35-80 f1.4 - 5.6 zoom lens on it. Condition well used but looked okay. Took it home, threw in some batteries and film, and it works fine. Price? $5. I'm sure there are comparable Nikons that are just as indestructible. It's a fire sale on these cameras, thanks to the hegemony of digital. Grab as many of 'em as you can, is what I say.
Get an A2 longest longevity of any EOS same basic controls as the 30/40D you can get a body and vertical grip for under 150

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