canon G10-spot in viewfinder


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Oct 15, 2010
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birmingham uk
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Any Canon G10 owner had this wierd problem-a sudden appearance of a circular blue/black spot in the viewfinder (NOT the rear LCD)
This spot is rather large and appeared out of nowhere-it`s not on the outside as I`ve tried to clear it with cloth and air pressure-and a Canon technician said he has never heard of this before. I use the viewfiner a lot -especially outdoors. Anybody heard of this before?

Sounds like debris got in the viewfinder. Perhaps something got jarred loose. About the only think you can do is to send it to Canon for service.

Tip: Canon always tells you "they've never heard of that before" when you call them with a problem. Hell, you can call them tell them you own an old 1D Mark III and that you're having focusing issues, and they'll likely tell you they've never heard of such a thing and you're the first to report such a problem.
I'm sure it varies from place to place, but I've heard that it's common that the first level of customer service (the ones who answer the phones) are pretty lame. If you can ask to speak to a supervisor or an actual technician, they are usually pretty good...or so I've heard.

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