Canon lenses vs Nikon lenses


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Dec 9, 2007
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Generally speaking, which of the two companies offer better lenses? "Better" taking into consideration the quality, price and breadth of selection for each of the respective companies' digital SLR line-ups.

For all practical purposes...they are very very similar. Each has a very wide range that runs the gamut from cheap to expensive and from crappy to outstanding.
They're both very similar.
I find that Canon has a wider selection in certain ranges than Nikon does. But perhaps the same is true for other ranges I haven't looked at.

The quality...very close. Neither really has better lenses. Though there are some stars on both sides...there are some real crappy lenses too.
I've heard that Nikon makes better macro lenses than Canon, but I find that Canon has overall less expensive glass than Nikon, and has a wider selection of consumer and prosumer telephotos and super telephotos. I chose Nikon over Canon based on how the camera body felt in my hand (D80 vs. XTI) and I've stuck with Nikon. Lenses between the two companies is really too close for it to be the deciding factor for someone when picking a camera company.
Well since you're only comparing lenses I'd say you only qualify for the second most pointless thread on the forum.

Why isn't their a flamebait smiley? Guess this will have to do: :spank:
Didn't we agree earlier that Zeiss makes the best lenses?

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