Canon Rebel XSi or Pentax k-x?


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Oct 16, 2010
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So, after much deliberation and reading, it's come down to the two of these.
I know on paper the Pentax wins by a landslide, but most tell me to go for the Canon regardless because of the brand, would you agree with that? Is what on paper really illustrated when taking the photos? (If you own either of the two and could supply sample photos, that'd be great! :biggrin:)
I'd be using it for a number of things, from mundane photographs for my blog and online vintage store, to photos from music festivals (yeah, I guess the Pentax automatically wins that round) and photography.
Also, is it true that you can get months of daily use with unrechargable lithium batteries? The fact that it uses AAs really off putting :<

So which one would you say is better and should be purchased?

I'll still be purchasing a separate camcorder if I buy either of them too btw, so don't make the Pentax's video feature the sole point (even though it really is nice). Also I just need something cheap under 100 so I've been thinking of getting a used Sanyo VPC-CG10 HD, if you have any suggestions for that too that'd be nice!

Thanks for your time and knowledge in advanced, it's greatly appreciated :hug::
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I have a KX, and the AA bat. are a plus. My set "died" while I was on a trip and I purchased a a new set from a local store.

I will say, I do like the fact that my KX has body stabilization. I can use older lenses and still not worry about "shake".

If you want a Canon, consider a T1I or T2I. The T1I is about $100 more than the KX and has good specs.
No, it is not true that you get "months of daily use with unrechargable lithium batteries".

To tell how much capacity a lithium battery has, look at the mAh rating of the battery.
I still have my K-x and it's a great little starter camera. You won't be disappointed with it, if you go that route, just know that Pentax has no intentions of helping out the "Pro" market any time soon, so if you even THINK you'll want a "pro" level camera in your lifetime, don't buy into Pentax. The swap is expensive, as I found out the hard way.

That being said, my friend just upgraded from his XSi to the 7D and he kept the XSi as a backup camera, knowing that it's still capable of taking great shots.

Either way, you won't be sorry. I would just advise you to think ahead. You're not buying one camera, you're buying into a system.
I love my KX. However, I will agree that if you plan to invest in glass, and use the camera for pro level work, then you should go with the Canon or Nikon.

However, you will pay the extra $100+ for each Img. Stable lens.

One note. You can use Nikon lenses on a Pentax, with an adapter. This is not true with a Canon lens.

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