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Apr 19, 2009
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erie, PA
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I have for sale a Canon S5IS in very good, barely used shape. They take great pics but I have my Nikon now and don't need it anymore. I can use it as trading material for Nikon items to fit my D40 if that were possible. I'm not sure what to ask for it but it has the lens cap, Canon neck strap, and all paperwork given to me from Sears. I can post a picture if needed, I just don't have anything yet...I'm checking for interest 1st! Thanks and let me know, Jeff

p.s. Have NO fear buying from me. My screen-name is Dukeboy1977 on and you can view my feedback there, or my Ebay seller name is Yamahariderr6.

edit 4/23/09:This is no longer for sale, sorry. My girlfriend decided she wants to use it when I'm not home for the baby. thanks, Jeff
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