Canon T3i compatibility with Atomos Ninja Blade

Discussion in 'DSLR Video Discussion' started by aleks1, Sep 29, 2016.

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    I've recently decided to make some upgrades to my gear. I purchased a Ninja Blade and have been having various issues. I've read about the incompatabilities of the T3i and the Ninja Blade due to the cameras lack of clean HDMI output. So fIrst of all is it worth installing Magic Lantern onto my T3i in order to take all of its benifits. Am I able to get rid of the on screen settings on my recordings without Magic Lantern? I know its a risk installing it. How do I know what input, format, and quality I am able to record with on my camera. When I recorded some clips they seemed to record and everything seemed fine. But when I went to playback the footage on my computer it was all black. I forwarded some footage to a friend, and he had no issues viewing it, so I'll assume its my computer thats an issue. Also, can I use my Blade as a standalone monitor when I want to only record via SD card. I tried doing this, and it shut off the camera.


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