Canon XTI Resolution Question (please help)

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by dm020486, May 6, 2009.

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    I have a canon XTI. I like the camera it takes good pictures. But I do Have a question. When I put the picture into adobe photoshop I saw that the Resolution is only 72, now bosses camera is a Nikon D60 I know is it different camera and setup but when his photos are put into adobe photoshop there are 300 resolution?
    Can I up my resolution?

    I already have the came set on Large photo and Raw.
    What Can I do or and someone explain to me what resolution I should be looking for?


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    This has been asked many, many times before.

    In brief, the PPI is only a number. It tells the computer how large to display the image on the screen. You could change the PPI to 300, to 72, to 10,000 or to really doesn't affect the image (as long as you don't try to 're-sample').

    If you Photoshop, just go to Image -> Image Size, and change the PPI to 300 (just make sure the re-sample box is unchecked).

    The numbers that are important, are the dimensions of the image, in pixels....that is where you real resolution is.

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