Cant save in Jpec format???


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May 11, 2006
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ok i didnt have this probelm before i took somes pics with my new camera (d70) did some editting on PS CS2 and when i go save pics in jpec format it dosnt pop up,??

can any one help me?

what doesn't pop up?....... i presume by jpec you mean jpeg right?..... are you going to 'file'.... 'save as'...?
kk you know when u go to file// save as // and then u pick ur format you want to save in, there are normaly like 10 different formats, jepg is one of them, but now i have like 5,

and yes i meant jepg
ok i think this is to do with the bit size....... go to 'image'..... then 'mode'.... then change it from 16bit/channel to 8bit/channel...... it doesn't like saving huge files as jpegs...... i think this should solve your problem ;)
haha thanks, i remeber switch that and forgot to switching it back

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