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Dec 28, 2009
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I get the same problem when I try to take pictures of my car, or others cars. Because they are well looked after and are clean I always manage to catch myself in the reflection, is there a simple way to stop this from happening ?
Look into polarizing filters.
1. Think about that fact when you're composing the shot, then position your reflection so that it's acceptable to you, like as a thin sliver in a very curvy part of the composition as a whole.

2. Use a longer lens.

3. Camoflage yourself by shooting from a position behind something else, like another car, tree, bush, etc. Flocking may work in some circumstances.
Thanks for the tips guys! Hopefully gonna put them into practice tomorrow if the weather keeps nice.
Shop that ****!

Or use a smaller camera and shoot from a balled up fetal position behind a shroud painted to look like the background behind you.

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