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Apr 5, 2010
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Madison Heights, Mi

Location needs changed. Gotta find a place that puts emphasis on your car.

1) This shot has *way* too much going on in the background. Have to find a place with virtually nothing happening. It's the reason a lot of people use docks or empty parking lots/garages. Just have to eliminate anything that could draw attention away from the car. Also, try to get a different perspective (higher/lower). One big thing about photographing things like cars is to get a different perspective than most people see. Just raise or lower the view a bit and suddenly the photo takes on a different attitude

2) Get rid of the leaves. Honestly the rest is pretty good but the leaves have to go. Seems like a small thing but makes the picture look a bit haphazardly put together.
1 - Looks like a snap shot. I agree with the location.

2 - Comp looks ok, but the location and the light reflection need work.
The size of the pics are pretty big to post. The focus seems to be good but bad location in showing the parking lot/buildings. If you could get the car closer to the trees in pic #2 then maybe raise you aperature some for close ups, then the background will be more blurred. Remember your subject is the car, follow its lines and get up close and personal. lol. Now Im a newbie so the aperature part could be off.
I forgot that thoes were full size. I uploaded them last spring and just linked them here. I normally try to just post reduced ones so I don't eat up my sites bandwidth.

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