A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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It was a very chilly today, -20 with the windchill so I decided to stick around the house and not venture far, luckily I had good company and some nice light :)
This is the best shot of the day.

Since it was so cold all of the birds did a lot of roosting puffed up.

Thanks for taking a look!

Very nice! I love cardinals.
Do you have the PP software/ability to tone down the white blobs right behind its beak? That would make it a stronger image.
Heh, the expression on it's face totally reminds me of that Angry Birds game :)
PixelRabbit, you're killing it with your bird shots. Fantastic work.
Thanks Blacksheep :)
Yep he's gorgeous, as is his mate but she is shy and I don't get many shots of her.

I actually don't have anything to edit with right now other than the Canon software and even that taxes the laptop I'm currently using... long story short, other than my daughter's laptop all the computers in the house decided to die at one time... fun lol. I tried with Canon's tools but failed miserably lol

As for the Angry Birds... now that you mention it ... lol!!
Thanks Eric :)
Looks great. I like the puffed up look makes a typical bird photo more interesting.

You should try GIMP for creative edits. Open source and free! A lot of on line tutorials available too.

Here's a 5 minute edit based on BlackSheep's comment:

Cardinal by davesnothere11, on Flickr

*oops I missed the bit about computers dying on the first read through.
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Oh that looks great! Thanks Dave :) amazing the difference one light spot can make.

Yes, all computers at once...poof...
I have the desktop almost back to good but alas I killed my video card in my laptop after I got my camera :blush: setting the drive up as a portable and I should be good to go. THEN I have the photoshop learning curve to add to the mix lol
Great shot! We have a cardinal that visits our feeder every morning but I can never get a shot of him! By the time I go outside he flys away. The way this shot looks it could be on a christmas card!
Another super bird shot. At least you're brave enough to venture out in the cold. I'm mostly playing couch potato till it's spring. I just hate the cold weather.

Like you, I'm back to using a simplyfied editing program (Nikon's View NX2) for now. I tried out Elements 10 and am really leaning towards buying it.

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