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Jan 7, 2006
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Watkings Glen NY
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One of the first photos taken with my new Canon 5 D mark II I don't know how to use it yet, before i use Nikon all the time.

I love the pose and the color, it is spot on. Now the elbow being cut off is bothersome but you might be able to crop a bit off the other side to get some balance that way. I also think it could be a little bit sharper on her face and eyes. Her bow and elbow are sharp but her hand over her head and eyes seem a bit soft. Of course it could be my old age and trifocals not working right too.
This shot has a lot of potential and a repeat and other poses might yield a lot of great shots.
I pretty much just agree with what Tinstafl says. It looks like you actually focused on her right elbow rather than her eyes.

Good job with the lighting, very professional looking.
Love the pic.....
gorgeous pic of a gorgeous girl : )
focus is soft as said, apart from elbow/forearm, but I like it, I tend to do older ladies in similar fashion to iron out the wrinkles more, though I tend to use wider apertures for the effect as opposed to focussing on the wrong place. H
Yeah, like Harry said, soft focus is not necessarily bad, but if something else is in focus, then it makes the part that is in soft focus look weird. If everything was softer, then it usually looks okay, and sometimes better than if everything is sharp, depending on the type of look you're going for.
Thanks for all comments, this photo is unedited and also was fast test at home with some of my friends with the Canon 5 D Mark II. the photo came out like that I put everything in CA. :)

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