Catalina Sunset (View from work last night)

Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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Mountain View, California
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I live and work out on Catalina Island during the summer instructing folks on how to scuba dive. I don't get to shoot often, but decided to take a trip up to a point on the north-west end of the island with my gear last night, and wasn't disappointed. Don't have a wide lens, only a nifty fifty (Canon 50mm f/1.8), so I tried to make-do by taking 9 portraits and then stitching them together. Any thoughts?

The full resolution version is on the order of 16,000 pixels wide, so it might warrant clicking on the image to at least see a somewhat larger version.

Hope you enjoy it!

Catalina Sunset by TogaLive, on Flickr
Beautiful... but you need to blend the merges better... very noticeable.
Beautiful... but you need to blend the merges better... very noticeable.

Glad you liked it! Could you post a copy with where you think the merges might be? I would be interested in comparing it to the actual lines. Personally, I can only pick out two, even after having seen all of the separate images. I'd like to see where I can improve!
Sure glad to...


Web compression made these lose some of the detail so it is harder to see the merge line... but look at the full size image... very easy to see even when not zoomed to full size. Nice job of capturing the detail! Your software just didn't know what to do with the waves in the lighter areas that didn't match up.
Fantastic! I see what you mean, and I'll have to go back to see what to do about those lines. I'm thinking I can clone the waves to make them match up a bit better. Any suggestions? I'd like to get it print-ready so I can do a nice big banner with it when I return to the mainland. The girlfriend really digs it, so I figure it'll make a decent gift!
I played with it as a exercise... some gentle cloning worked well.

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