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G. Ike

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Feb 29, 2008
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Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania
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Hey guys,
It has been awhile since I have visited this website. I took a bunch of shots today, and this one stood out as my favorite. I have realized this about alot of my photos, and I think it applies to this one as well. It may look nice, but it doesn't really serve a purpose. Maybe I'm just being negative haha. Anyway, comments, criticism and anything else you would like to say would be appreciated!

Thanks alot,


awwwww i've always wanted to do this for one of my babies! looks great! nice and sharp! maybe i'll show you mine!
hahaha that's a cute lil paw but I think you should have posted a portrait photo of that cat too. :p I guess either he/she is an outdoor cat or you don't mind it scratch the furniture and carpets course those claws look pretty sharp and nice ^^. Well I don't know if I would ever be mean enough to trim their claws course they usually need those for climbing and defending themselves when they are outside lol.

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