caught in his natural state


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Jan 30, 2008
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ps. not taken with my normal camera
Both hands are above the desk I see. :thumbup:
Nothing 'natural' about this shot lol.

Comic book/Newspaper dot matrix look doesn't work with this shot at all, his shirt (due to editing) blends in with the plotter in the back, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much headroom going on in that shot. Why shot in portrait orientation?

I dunno man, I suggest you start listening to some of the folks here and start learning the photography aspect first, before the pp stuff. Might be just me, but editing a bad shot doesn't always make it better.
Both hands are above the desk I see. :thumbup:

I agree...

Nothing 'natural' about this shot lol.

I feel this as well...

I am not a huge fan of the noise/grid overlay that you used here...

But.... The above points aside... I think it's a good "idea". :)
ps. not taken with my normal camera

Composition will be the same with any camera though, and in that sense, he has a pole sticking out of his head...unless you were going for that...try a different angle next time where there aren't things sticking out of unintentional areas
Well, we can't really see it due to the grainy post processing and the contrast-y black and white. But is it an old duplicator printing press?
I'm sitting here staring at our 46" width plotter (printer) right now ... so no, yours does not impress me. lol
I thought it was an old organ lol...
If this were actually a halftone, the dot gain on it would kill you!!! Bad processing and a cheezy effect...I did appreciate o hey tyler's comedic "both hands are above the desk I see" comment...heh heh heh...funny. Sorry er111a, but this is a pretty lame effort. You know I am normally a fan of your stuff, but, uh, dude, this one's just not going to cut the mustard.
hes naturally out of focus?
hes naturally out of focus?

Aren't we all, man? Aren't we all just naturally out of focus pawns in "the man's" game? Being all out of focus and such.

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