Caught in Love (1 for C&C)


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Jun 13, 2010
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Yes, marriage can be like being impaled on rusty barbed wire ....

Other than that, the focus seems more on the barbed wire and less on the rings. Was that intentional? ;)
Nope, not intentional. :lol:

I waded through 1ft tall grass on the side of the road to get this pic and the kids were in the car. I was hurrying and trying not to find any snakes. I took a few others, maybe I got a better ring shot in some of them...
Yeah, I was in TV mode. I'm about to post a 2nd picture that seems to have the rings in better focus and might be more on the over exposed side than underexposed.
Girl! Get your rings cleaned!!!

Pro tip, soaking in warm amonia will loosen a lot of the hand cream gunk, and the milk steamer on an espresso machine makes for a great ring steam cleaner (similar to what the pros use). Find one at a garage sale or thrift store.
LOL! Yeah, I know... Like I said... Driving down the road had an idea and took advantage of it.

Good idea about the espresso steamer!

I saw Ron's pic and it is far superior to mine. Almost made me want to wait til a different day to post it. :lmao:
AV is better for this type of shot where you want to control DOF

Agreed. That way you can get both the wire and the ring in focus. TV mode wouldn't be all that necessary with stationary objects like this when you have other modes to use that can get the right exposure for the shot.

I like the idea of the pic though!
Yeah I think if you cleaned em up they would have caught the light better and it would make the photo more interesting.

I use jet dry and a tooth brush to clean all my rings and it works AMAZING :)

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